Steve Fitzer
Direct: 253-683-4511
Sally Leighton
Direct: 253-683-4510
Bertha Fitzer
Direct: 253-683-4501
Jennifer Veal
Direct: 253-683-4517
Elizabeth McAmis
Direct: 253-683-4519
Stephanie Somerville 
Office Manager
Direct: 253-683-4504
Cindy Petersen Paralegal
Direct: 253-683-4512
Dawne Shotsman Paralegal
Direct: 253-683-4495
Rose Parisi Paralegal
Direct: 253-683-4495
Rebecca Baumgartner Paralegal
Direct: 253-683-4515
Katie Burke, Legal Assistant to Steven and Bertha Fitzer
Direct: 253-683-4516
Karen Becker, Legal Assistant to Sally Leighton & Jennifer Veal
Direct: 253-683-4518